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2022 Presentations

Track 1

Opening Remarks 4:04 - Clar Rosso (CEO of (ISC)²) Speakers: 15:35 - Nir Zuk (Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Palo Alto Networks) 42:17 - Jon France (CISO at (ISC)²) 1:01:00 - Arthur Hedge (President at Castle Ventures Corporation) - Microsoft Teams Security 1:21:28 - Matthew Chiodi (Chief Trust Officer at Cerby, Former CSO at Palo Alto Networks) - The hole in your Zero Trust strategy - unmanageable applications 1:37:55 - Emmanuel Nicaise (Cyber Serenity architect - Human-Centric Cyber Security) - No cyber without humans: How your organisational culture can boost or crippled your cybersecurity. 1:54:40 - Stan Mierzwa (IT and Security Leader | Professor | Strategist | Speaker | Board Member | Center for Cybersecurity at Kean University) - Implementing Technology in Low-Resource Settings and Considerations for Information Security. 2:07:31 - Jacek Grymuza (Senior Security Architect at Sycope) - Network Threat Hunting, so how to "hunt" for network threats?

Track 2

Speakers: 00:01 - Yuri Diogenes (Principal PM Manager at C+ AI Security CxE Team at Microsoft) 28:24 - Yiannis Koukouras (Managing Director at TwelveSec) - Secure SDLC: How to build security into your Agile processes 43:07 - Gabriel Wierzbieniec (Solutions Architect | CISSP, CCSP, CISA | Observability, Log Management, Cloud Security) - Tower Defense: Cloud Edition 57:26 - Anil Karmel (Co-Founder and CEO at RegScale) - Can you “Shift Left” Compliance? 1:12:07 - Henry Frith (VP of Customer Success & Sales Engineering at Votiro) - Votiro - How to Secure Data by Sanitizing Weaponized Files 1:18:54 - Philipp Reisinger (Information Security Consultant at SBA Research and lecturer at FH St. Pölten) - Risk perception and human (ir)rationality 1:36:21 - Dr. Kellep Charles (Cybersecurity Practitioner/Educator/Researcher) - A Practical Use of Open-Source Intelligence


Track 3

Speakers 00:01 - Marnix Dekker (Head of Sector NIS at ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity) 20:39 - John ILIADIS (IT Infrastructure Manager at Tiresias) - Cyber Risk Cyber Resilience ? 30:07 - Maor Tal (Security Researcher & Threat Hunter | OSCP, CISSP, CCSK Certified) - The Silent Storm: Red Team Aspect in Cloud Environments 45:32 - Brandon Pugh (Resident Senior Fellow, Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats at R Street Institute) - Legislative and Regulatory Developments in the United States 58:40 - Jose Lagdameo (Director, Information Security | Asia BISO at Prudential Financial) - Vulnerability strategies from the trenches 1:12:44 - Kanishka Yapa (Lecturer at SLIIT |CISSP.CISA.CEH|Membership Coordinator (ISC)2 Colombo Sri Lanka Chapter) - Threats and Mitigations in Medical Internet of Things 1:29:02 - Adewale Ashogbon (| Professor| Cybersecurity/IT Audit| Enterprise Risk Management| IT Governance Frameworks & Standards|) - Managing the Risk of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Track 4

Speakers 00:01 - Jim Ambrosini (Award winning CISO and strategic advisor of leading companies) - We are SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified. What could go wrong? 14:51 - Yurika Kakiuchi (Security Program Manager) - Introducing Japan Chapter's activities and call for collaboration 26:56 - Andang Nugroho (President at ISC2 Jakarta Chapter) - Private Cloud Implementation 44:24 - Utsave Mittal (CEO Xiarch | President (ISC)²-Delhi | CISSP) - Capacity building in cyber security

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